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The generator is the most vital system in the entire engineering bay, as it provides power for all other systems. Each generator has a single central master resonance crystal, which rotates at a constant frequency.

By synchronising the rotation of external resonance crystals to the master crystal of the generator, power is outputted by this system.


The generator itself is a self sufficient system, and does not require attending. The central resonance crystal will never change speed, or timing due to damage. The power produced is regulated by up to 8 external resonance crystals, with the power output dependant on the amount of crystals synchronised to the generator.

Power produced by the generator is done in large pulses, and is typically unsuitable for directly powering systems, so is fed to batteries before being sent to the other systems. The power generated per pulse is split evenly between all connections to the generator.

Output of generator per pulse
No. of Crystals Basic Power Output Better Resonator 1 Output

Better Resonator 2 Output

1 420 (462)* (508)*
2 707 (778)* (855)*
3 958 1054 (1159)*
4 1189 1308 (1439)*
5 1406 1547 (1701)*
6 1612 1773 (1950)*
7 1809 1990 2189
8 2000 2200 2420

*Theoretical values if upgrades were not locked


//TODO upgrade list