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The shields systems are responsible for protecting your ship from damage. Shields are the only directional system on the ship, with each shield system only protecting one side of the ship (bow, stern, port and starboard).

While a shield has integrity, it prevents all damage to the hull of the ship. Enemy laser fire does the most damage to player shields, and torpedoes relatively little damage.


Each shield system can be in one of three states: normal, overloaded and broken.


Shield normal

A normally operating shield

During normal operation, a shield system will recharge the integrity of the shield on its side up to it's maximum. So long as a shield has integrity, all hits from that side will be absorbed. Integrity is recharged at a rate proportional to the power supplied to the system.

When the integrity of the shields is reduced to 0, the shield overloads, and stops protecting that side of the ship while the shield reboots.


Shield overloaded

An overloaded shield that requires rebooting

When the integrity of the shields is reduced to 0, the shield overloads. The shield will automatically begin to reboot to resume functioning. The engineer can interact with the overloaded shield and repeatedly pressing A, or left-click to reboot the shield and return it to normal faster.

When returned to normal, and amount of integrity is returned to the shield, plus a bonus amount proportional to the number of times A or left-click is pressed during the reboot.


Shield broken

A broken but operation shield

Shield broken&overloaded

A broken and overloaded shield

Similar to other systems, when the durability of shield system is reduced to 0, it breaks and is no longer operational. While broken, the integrity of the associated shield will not regenerate, and the shield will not be able to be rebooted faster as described above.

A shield can be both broken and overloaded at the same time. The shield must be fixed before it can be manually rebooted.

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