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Your weapons are the only way to damage and defeat enemy ships. The weapon system is able to fire both lasers and missiles.


When powered each weapon system automatically fires lasers, and begins arming a torpedo. The more power provided to a system, the faster lasers will fire and the quicker a torpedo will arm.

Laser fire is the most effective way to take down enemy shields, and are very weak against enemy hulls.

While an enemy is targeted a torpedo will be created ready fire at the targeted enemy. If the target is lost all progress creating the torpedo will be lost. Once a torpedo is created the engineer must interact with the system and arm the torpedo. Due to Melissa's gung-ho attitude, torpedoes are fired as soon as they are armed.

Torpedoes are the most efficient way of damaging enemy hulls. Torpedoes, until they are upgraded to photonic torpedoes, do not damage shields.